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British Canoeing Courses

I really enjoy helping people on the pathway of becoming leaders or coaches in their own right through being a provider of British Canoeing Paddlesport Instructor, Paddlesport Leader, Paddlesport Touring Leader, White Water Canoe Leader and Foundation Safety and Rescue Courses.


Paddlesport Leader

£200 - 2 days

Next Courses - 

Exeter - Training

Exeter- Assessment

The Paddlesport Leader can lead multi craft groups on slow moving rivers and up to 200m offshore on lakes and coasts with access to simple landings. It is a really diverse and fit for purpose award which is ideal for those wishing to lead as part of a club, school or a D of E group. The 2 day course will work on a river and a lake/open water or coastal environment so as to allow candidates to appreciate the scope of the award as well as strategies for leading groups in these environments. 

Is it for me? You are at least 16 and able to paddle a kayak, canoe, sit on top or SUP with good control in the environment outlined above. 

Prerequisites: None

Why not stay on for another day to do the Foundation Safety and Rescue Training for £40 more instead of the normal £70.

Click the link in the header to ask for a booking form.

Paddlesport Instructor

£200 - 2 days

Next Course -

6 - 7 August 2023 Shrewsbury

The Paddlesport Instructor is a primarily practical 2 day combined training and assessment course which teaches and assesses the candidates ability to deliver fun, safe sessions for those new to paddlesport. Seen as an industry standard by the likes of PGL and Girlguiding, it equips participants with the right tools to start their career in the outdoors. Candidates should leave enthused and ready to run their own sessions.

Is it for me? You are 14 or over can paddle a kayak, canoe, sit on top or SUP with control in a sheltered water environment.  You have a genuine interest in introducing others to paddlesport at a club, school or Centre.

Click the link in the header to ask for a booking form.


Paddlrsport Safety and Rescue Course


Next Course -

tbc - Exeter

tbc Shrewsbury

tbc Exeter

This course is all about learning how to use paddlesport craft and associated equipment safely as well as how to get yourself and others back into a variety of craft, or out of the water when people fall in. This is a practical course and you will spend most of your time in the water, getting out of the water or getting others out of the water! It is delivered in a fun and educational way and you should leave confident in how to keep yourself and others safe when out on the water.

Is it for me? There is no minimum age and if you are keen to find out simple solutions to keeping safe on the water, this is for you. Also a prerequisite for the Paddlesport Instructor.

If you are involved in paddlesport with school groups, clubs or looking to lead others on slow moving rivers, estuaries and simple coastal journeys; why not join us for the British Canoeing Paddlesport Leader training on the 17 and 18 August. You would then be able to attend this course at a discounted rate.

Click the link in the header to ask for a booking form.

Touring Leader Award

Next Courses:
Training - 29 - 31 July - 2 places 

                12 - 14 Aug - 4 places

                 26 - 28 Aug - 4 places

Assessment - 1 - 2 August - full

                       15 - 16 August - 2 places

                        29 - 30 August - 2 places

The next level up from the Paddlesport Leader, this diverse and exciting leadership award sees holders leading multi craft groups on slow moving water with short sections of grade 2 water - think the length of the Wye and Jackfields on the River Severn. Leaders can also operate on open water up to 500m offshore in Force 4 winds. This gives a broad scope of craft and environments for holders of the award with leaders taking the asessment on/in a craft of their choosing.
Training courses visit both enviroments and look at the skill set, decison making and leadership strategies for operating with a mixed craft fleet. Attendees should leave with a clear idea of the scope of the award along with an action plan leading to a successful assessment.
Assements again visit both environments with real groups for the candidates to lead and are held over 2 days.


White Water Canoe Leader Training and Assessment

Next Courses:

Training - 5 - 6 October N Wales Borders

Assessment - dates tbc

This award is a stalwart of the outdoor industry and allows holders to lead canoe groups on grade 2 with occasional grade 3 moving water. The button below links to the British Canoeing information about the award.
Training is normally over 2 days and attendees should leave with a clear understanding of the scope of the award along with an action plan looking forward to successful assessment.
Assessment is done in a day and involves candidates leading a real group in the upper element of the remit.

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