Canoe Courses

British Canoeing Canoe Award

£170 - 2 days

The syllabus of the British Canoeing Award has the participant showing competence as a member of a group on slow moving rivers and open water in winds up to Force 3. Join us on one of the dates to enjoy a fun environment as you are coached through the syllabus on a combined training/assessment approach to the course. Based around the rivers Severn, Banwy and Vyrnwy along with a suitable open water venue. People often get to paddle some hidden gems not previously visited.
This course needs at least 2 paddlers to run. Accommodation and transport not included. Canoes, paddles and Buoyancy aids available on request.

River Severn Canoe Expedition; including the British Canoeing Multi Day Touring Award

£300 - 4 Days

Expeditioning from a canoe is a great way to travel and use the craft for one of the reasons it was designed for. Over 4 days we will lead you along the banks of the Severn, passing through farmland, ancient woodland, paddling through Shrewsbury and the historic Ironbridge Gorge. The days will end at a choice of accomodation venues although camping, carrying all your equipment from the set off, is the way forward. Throughout this we can help you develop the knowledge of expeditioning by canoe so you can look to undertake your own journeys later on. Participants have the option of gaining the British Canoeing Touring Award as part of the course. Accommodation and travel is not provided.

There is scope to bolt on an extra day of open water skills in order to complete the British Canoeing Canoe Award training or assessment depending on where folk are with their skill level.

Is it for me? You will, ideally, have had some experinece in a canoe either as a tandem pair or solo - although novices can attend. You will have been camping before and have an understanding of what this means and its requirements. If you are unsure then please do get in touch for a chat.

We will supply canoes, paddles, buoyancy aids, waterproof containers for camping equipment, campsite fees for those who elect to camp. 

Great Glen Canoe Trail in partnership with Hire a Canoe Shrewsbury


The Great Glen Canoe Trail divides the North and Southern Highlands as well as linking the East and West coasts of Scotland. It passes through 3 stunning Lochs with a series of canalised sections finishing with Loch Ness at Fort Augustus. This excursion is an expedition which sees particioants in crews of 2 with all their camping equipment travel the length of the canal over 5 days. Doable in 4 this means the team are less hurried and have time to thoroughly enjoy the vast scenery this breathtaking journey takes you through with mountains, deep lochs and castles lining the way. Our trip involves no more than 4 crewed canoes and is looked after by Ali himself who is a huge fan of this trip. Camping is the means of accomodation with all equipment carried in the boats and the campsites themselves being at the convieniently spaced locks where participants have access to toilets and in some cases showers. The timing of the trip in mid June also sees the area less crowded with tourists and indeed, with fine days, there is a good chance of seeing otters, deer and eagles.

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