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Sea Skills for SUP and Recreational Paddlers

Ali is a keen kayaker, canoeist and SUP'er who has undertaken these activities on rivers, lakes and the sea domestically and further afield. A qualified paddlesport coach and British Canoeing Tutor his aim is to ensure folk leave any of his courses with more than they were expecting. 

He is really excited to offer the below courses in his home town where he took his first paddle strokes and also learnt about the sea the hard way!


Tidal Understanding for SUP and Kayakers

£60 per person 1 day

22 - 23 April 2024 2 evening sessions

26 April 2024 0930 - 1600

If you have acquired a SUP or kayak of some sort and want to launch onto the sea or estuary but are unsure of how the sea behaves or what to take with you then this is for you. During the day we will examine the various factors that affect the way the sea moves and changes as well as how we can predict this so as to choose our paddling location with greater understanding.

We will also explore how we can use the seas movement to aid us on our journeys, as well as suitable equipment to wear and carry when afloat. Largely a practical day interspersed with theory sessions and opportunity to put the theory into practice.

This is more a 'knowledge' based course than a skills course although some coaching will no doubt be delivered where appropriate.

You should leave the day with a greater understanding of the sea; along with the tools to predict how it will behave and thus choose appropriate venues in which to paddle. 

It is anticipated that particiants will have their own board or kayak and safety equipment to take part in this course. If this is not the case then do get in touch and we will do our best to help. Participants should be able to make progresson their craft and thus not complete beginners.

Tidal Understanding for Sup and Kayakers Intermediate

£60 per person 1 day

25 April 2024

You have been paddling on your SUP or kayak for a while now and would like to gain knowledge on undertaking longer journeys such as crossing to Starcross, down to Topsham or a coastal journey to Budleigh Salterton and back.

This course is all about tidal influences, tactics, trip preparation, navigation, hazard awareness, group dynamics, safety equipment and emergency procedures.

As a team we will go through the whole process of planning a journey taking into consideration the various factors known before hand, action it and then drip feed the various considerations outlined above during the journey.

You should leave the day with the confidence and tools to plan and undertake your own journeys with others or individually.

It is anticipated that participants will have their own board or kayak and appropriate safety equipment to take part in the day. Do get in contact if this is not the case as we should be able to help.


British Canoeing SUP Sheltered Water Award

£80 per person

This follows the formal sylabus of the above named award with the link on the button below, in short the day is spent examining the types of boards available along with padldling technique including moving forwards, turning and trimming your board to make it more efficient. we also examine the various clothing options availble to us as SUP paddlers, along with other equipment to consider taking on our journey. What to do when things go wrong such as self rescue, helping others back onto a board and also summoning help if it goes really wrong.
We look at the factors that help in planning our journey so we can make good decisons where to paddle and when.

SUP Safer Course

16 July 2023 - 1400 - 1800

£50 per person

This British Canoeing Courses is aimed at novice and beginner SUP users; and is aimed at getting folks armed with the basic, essential information to get them safely on the water. 

It covers 4 modules over a 4 hour period which include:

* SUP Equipment

*Environment and weather


* Safety on the water

The course takes place in Sheltered Water which is described as no more than 200m offshore in F3 winds.

If you are looking for a more detailed course in planning trips in a coastal environment then the Tidal Understanding Course would be the one for you.

Want to organize your own custom day or package? Get in touch with me today.

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