Rock Climbing

Adventure Awaits

Ali loves being out on the rock and has a sound working knowledge of the crags in and around Snowdoina in particular. Let his passion for this adventure activity help you on your way to whatever goal you aspire to; be it experience or education.

Rock Climbing Intro

From £40 per person

Curious about how to take your first steps into the vertical world and see life from a very different point of view? Let us take you into this environment with all the equipment provided and the  appropriate venue chosen in order to meet your aims. This could be roadside crags, mountain crags or sea cliffs. We can cater for groups or individuals, contact us to discuss your plans or just get some advice.

Classic Welsh Rock

From £80 per person

Got your eyes on a specific route or just want to be taken to some awesome places with spectacular views whilst engaged in a challenging activity? Contact us to start planning a day, or more tailored to your aims. We gaurantee to exceed your expectations.



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